Sunday, August 14, 2005

Three new posts


If you read on below you will find three recent stories I wrote for Mercury, a Newport, RI-based arts paper that is an offshoot of the Newport Daily News. With some digging around or googling, you can find these things out there on the web, but Mercury's (stated) web archive capacity is only two months (that applies to the advanced search feature as well) so, unless you had the specific link to, say, the June 22 Ted Leo piece, you wouldn't be able to find it through Mercury. Kind of a pain, but fuckit. I put the stories and specific links here (no photo art - sorry) to make it a little easier for my three readers and also as a one-stop catch-all for my own freelance portfolio.

Mercury is pretty cool, I think. It's still very much in its infancy, but they've got a solid little crew that includes editor diva Janine Weisman and photo diva Jaqueline Marque (my youngest brother's fiancee) and it's quite refreshing to see a small independent publisher like Buck Sherman and family taking a chance on a fledgeling paper with an arts focus. The world needs more outfits like this.

I contribute things to Mercury on a sporadic freelance basis, pretty much focusing on music-related stuff because, well, music-related stuff is all I really am able to focus on for more than five minutes, but there are reviews, features and columns by others that cover everything from human interest stuff like all-girl roller derby to advice on how not to get arrested to reviews of plays and burger joints. The paper's "target market" is that 18-34 college/Peter Pan-syndrome bracket (one that I will technically be too old to belong to come next summer). They ran their first issue this past spring and publish a new edition every Wednesday that gets distributed around Aquidneck Island (Newport is on an island, you know) as well as the various college campuses in the state (URI, Brown University, Providence College, etc.).

More on this in a bit.


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